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 IMG iTravelinsured: Travel Protection Plans 

48% of leisure travelers have had trips postponed or canceled in the past 2 years but...

...51% never purchase travel insurance.  Not good odds.  Buy travel insurance.

Travel Protection Plan Comparison
Plan Name

iTravelinsured Travel LX

iTravelinsured Travel SE


United States Fire Insurance Company - rated A (Excellent) by AM Best Company

Available To

U.S. Residents

Coverage Area


Trip Investment Coverage
Quote / Purchase

Trip Cancellation

100% of Trip Cost

Trip Interruption

150% of Trip Cost

Cancel For Any Reason

Included - 75% of trip cost insured if purchased within 20 days of initial trip deposit. Must cancel 48 hours or more before departure.

No Coverage - you must be prevented from traveling due to a covered reason.

Cancel For Work Reason

Included in trip cancellation and trip interruption

No Coverage - you must be prevented from traveling due to a covered reason.

Trip Delay

$1,000 ($250 per day)delayed 6 hrs or more

$500 ($125 per Day)delayed 12 hours or more

Missed Connection

$500 - delayed 3 hrs or more

$500 - delayed 6 hours or more

Employment Layoff

Involuntary employer termination or layoff if employed for at least 1 continuous year with the same company.


Terrorist Incident that occurs in a city listed on the itinerary of Your Trip and within 30 days prior to Your Scheduled Departure Date. Same city no terrorism experienced in the 90 days prior to policy effective date.

Supplier Bankruptcy/Default

Policy purchase within 20 days of first trip payment then Waiting period applies - coverage begins 10 days after policy effective date.


Complete cessations of Common Carrier services for 6 hrs or more. Cancellation within 24 hrs of departure due to hurricane warning. 14 day waiting period from policy effective date.

Cancellation within 24 hrs of departure due to hurricane warning. 14 day waiting period from policy effective date.

Labor Strike

Unannounced strike causing complete cessation of Common Carrier services for at least 6 hours

Medical Coverage
Quote / Purchase
Medical Expenses

$500,000 per person

$150,000 per person

Medical Coverage (Primary/Secondary)






Emergency Evacuation



Emergency Dental

$1,000 for emergency dental treatment

Sports & Hazardous Activities

Many hazardous activities are not excluded. See policy for excluded activities.

Excluded: Mountaineering, bodily contact sports, parachuting, skydiving, extreme skiing, heli skiing, and more. See policy details

Pre-existing Condition Exclusion Waiver - Available

When Your Payment or Deposit for this Policy and enrollment form are received within 24 hours of the final Payment

Pre-existing medical condition exclusion is waived if policy is purchased within 20 days of initial trip payment or deposit

Pre-existing Conditions - If Not Qualified for Waiver

subject to a 60 day lookback period from policy effective date for unstable pre-existing medical conditions

Repatriation of Remains


Emergency Reunion

If traveling alone and hospitalized for more than 3 consecutive days, transportation for one person for bedside visit

Property Coverage
Lost Baggage



Baggage Delay



Rental Car Protection


No coverage

Accidental Death Coverage - Common Carrier
Flight Accident



Common Carrier Accident



24-Hour Travel Assistance Services
Medical & Legal Referrals Included
Emergency Travel Arrangements Included
Lost Baggage Assistance Included
Emergency Prescription Replacement Included
Lost Passport / Travel Documents Assistance Included
24-hour medical monitoring Included
Emergency Cash Transfer Included
Embassy & Consulate Referrals Included
Emergency Message Relay Included
Emergency Translations Included
Additional Plan Features
Special Features

Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation $50,000

Search & Rescue $10,000

$75 Reimbursement of Miles or Reward Points

Money Back Guarantee

Full refund if requested within 10 days of purchase date

Credit Cards Accepted


Quote / Purchase
This is a summary of benefits. Please refer to the policy wording for a complete description. All benefits subject to plan exclusions.