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 How Do I Calculate My Trip Cost? 

Insurance Cost is primarily based on:

  • Your Age
  • Your Destination
  • Total Travel Days
  • Your "Trip Costs" that are subject to cancellation penalties 
  • Optional benefits such as "Cancel For Any Reason"

The most important factor is your Trip Cost.  In order to determine Trip Cost, calculate your total pre-paid, travel expenses that would be subject to penalty if you cancelled your trip prior to departure.  Below are examples of travel expenses that may be subject to a cancellation penalty.

Airfare Cost for each person as itemized individually on airline tickets
Accommodations If accommodation expenses are not itemized individually, evenly split the amount among all travelers
Cruise Cost for each person as itemized individually on cruise receipt
Program Fees Cost for each person
Rental Car Assign whole cost to person who paid for rental
Meals and Entertainment Cost for each person