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Global Benefits
 Mission Travel Insured 

Regardless of whether you are a full time Missionary, a Pastor that travels abroad, a Church Group going abroad for a short term mission trip, or a Mission Sending Organization, your goal is to reach out to others and provide sustainable physical and spiritual support while possibly being in unfamiliar surroundings. 

Global Benefits USA offers many international medical insurance programs that are matched with you specific needs.   Please contact us and we will find the right solution for you!

 Missionary Short Term Travel Medical Insurance 
  • Outreach Missionary plan
  • Choice of deductible and medical maximum
  • Covers medical expenses including emergency medical evacuations
  • Valid for USA residents travel outside of USA 
  • Non-USA residents traveling outside of home country including the USA please Click Here
  • If you are an American with chronic (ongoing) medical conditions please Click Here for the appropriate plan
 Missionary Group Short Term Travel Medical Insurance 
  • Same low rate for all ages
  • Choice of deductible and medical maximum
  • Covers medical expenses including emergency medical evacuations
  • Valid for USA residents traveling abroad
  • If anyone in your group has chronic (ongoing) medical conditions please Contact Us to discuss your best options

 Trip Cancellation & Interruption Travel Insurance  
  • Choice of 3 plans
  • Covers travel related expenses such as trip cancellation & interruption, travel delays, lost baggage & personal effects, rental car damage and accidental death
  • Covers medical expenses including emergency medical evacuations
  • Valid for domestic and international travel
  • Click Here if you have a group of 10 or more

 Expat Missionary Medical Insurance 
  • Specially designed exclusively for Missionaries
  • Worldwide coverage including the USA
  • Includes Emergency Medical Evacuations, Hospitalization, Accident, Sickness, Outpatient, Maternity, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance
  • Available to USA residents
  • 24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance

 Annual Travel Medical Insurance for Frequent Travelers 
  • Annual Travel Medical Insurance for frequent travelers
  • Unlimited trips abroad - 70 days maximum per trip
  • Low annual rates from BlueCross BlueShield
  • Covers pre-exisiting medical and congenital conditions if traveler has US health insurance or MediCare
 Long Term Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefits 
Overseas medical insurance for missionary groups requires provisions not met by many companies. Missionary plans from Global Benefits are designed specifically to provide comprehensive medical insurance to missionary groups by offering continuous coverage when overseas and back in the U.S. on furlough or deputation.  Our Missionary plans provide a full range of benefits. Group members will be covered worldwide, 24 hours a day, including their country of citizenship under certain circumstances. Members have the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital for treatment.   Please Contact Us for personal service and expert advice.
Groups from all nations eligible In-patient and out-patient services
Furlough coverage in U.S. Hospitalization
Worldwide coverage Annual adult physical exams
Prior group takeover Child wellness doctor visits & immunizations
Dependent coverage Prescription drugs
Plan design flexibility Life insurance
Direct payment to medical providers Dental insurance
Choice of deductibles Vision insurance
Travel Assistance Services Disability insurance
Property & Liability Kidnap & Ransom
Emergency medical evacuation Maternity
Political evacuation War Risk / Terrorism